John Turchin: Experienced TV Anchor/Reporter


John Turchin is an award winning journalist with more than thirty years of experience as an anchor and reporter. He brings a unique style and storytelling ability to the air - and views his crime fighting work as a way to use the power of the airwaves to make a tangible contribution.

"I am one of those who is driven by a desire to make a difference, and leave a legacy of sorts that the town, the city, the community where I live and work is a better place for others in the future. That sounds sappy, but I'm sincere. That is why I work hard to give victims who normally might not have a voice - a chance to be heard."

As the saying goes 'what you see is what you get,' and what the viewer gets is someone with a warm and personable demeanor, driven by a passion to seek the truth and convey it simply, clearly, accurately and honestly.

“I like to believe that the viewers see me as more than just a 'talking head.' My hope is that they look at me as a knowledgeable, professional, loyal community man, a man devoted to his family, always approachable, and equally important, someone they can trust."

John prides himself on being a hard-working, self-motivated, dedicated, versatile, enterprising journalist who thrives on 'live' coverage, breaking news, and his ability to ad lib.

What really matters is how John handles himself during a crisis, an emergency, or breaking news. That's when people tune in to the person to tell them what happened, one-to-one, anchor-to-viewer, honestly.

Whether in the anchor chair or anchoring from the field, to John it's all about connecting. A natural storyteller, he does his best to write and produce compelling, in-depth, quality stories every day using graphics, creative stand ups, props, 'live' locations, whatever will best "connect" with the audience.

As the times change, John introduces and integrates social media into his news content, allowing viewers to interact with him and the station, and enhance the news brand within the community, which increases Face Book views and Twitter communication.

“There are plenty of places where people can get their news. That's why I must build a lasting relationship with the viewers. Truth is, viewers value people with whom they can relate, on a personal level, not just watching someone talk to them on television."